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Can somebody help me, please? - Silnith’s Lair — LiveJournal

Feb. 21st, 2018

02:57 am - Can somebody help me, please?

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I just watched The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, and he had on two students from the Parkland, Florida shooting. They were both well-spoken and clear, but Jordan was doing a comedic interview instead of a real interview so he never actually asked them what they were trying to achieve beyond do something. (Do something is what saddled us with the gate-raping TSA and similar atrocities. Do something virtually always leads to disaster.)

Does anybody have a link or reference where either of these young women outline what it is they want to happen? I managed to find their Twitter accounts, but not much useful information.

Delaney Tarr
Carly Novell

Carly referenced a Florida bill HB231.

Jaclyn Corin references SB 1434.

I suppose I'll have to dig through the Florida state legislature website tomorrow to try and see what these bills do. I really want to know how any of these proposed laws would have stopped Nikolas Cruz.


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Date:February 21st, 2018 11:01 am (UTC)
Normally Fark.com is a swamp of stupid, but there were a couple posts that rang out as clear-headed and insightful.


And here's one that quotes Scalia (of all people) with judicial precedent for weapon bans:

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