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message to the Electoral College - Silnith’s Lair — LiveJournal

Dec. 19th, 2016

12:09 am - message to the Electoral College

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This is what I ended up mailing to the members of the Electoral College last week. Sadly, nearly 200,000 other people also mailed to them, so the chance my message was read is virtually zero.

This is an attempt to summarize the clear rational argument for why the Electoral College should reject Donald Trump on December 19th, and instead elect Bernie Sanders.

  1. President Trump is an existential threat to the United States of America.
    1. His Cabinet is filled with white nationalists. ( NYTimes DemographicsPro Mother Jones )
      1. "White nationalists" is what neo-Nazis named themselves to avoid the stigma of "Nazi". ( CNN Vanity Fair )
      2. They have already put forward the idea of re-introducing internment camps like we put Japanese-American citizens in during World War 2. ( Business Insider Reuters )
        1. President Reagan apologized for those internment camps, to bring them back is to dishonor his memory. ( NPR Smithsonian )
      3. There has been a surge in hate crimes since Trump's victory. This surge will become a pattern once Trump takes office. ( Forbes Slate )
    2. He plans to cut all funding for NASA's climate change research. ( The Guardian Deutsche Welle )
      1. The current warming projections depend on massive investments in carbon-capture technology. ( International Energy Agency Global CCS Institute The Guardian Springer )
        1. Carbon capture technology does not exist yet. ( The Verge Carbon Brief MIT Technology Review MIT Technology Review )
      2. Without NASA's research, we will see warming of at least double what is agreed to in the Paris accords. ( EPA The White House )
        1. The Paris accords have already been adopted by other major polluters such as China. ( Scientific American NY Times )
        2. The US is the largest polluter, without our action all other nations' actions are largely useless. ( The Atlantic )
    3. His Cabinet is filled with the very corrupt people he promised to eliminate from Washington. ( NYTimes Washington Post The Intercept )
    4. He will have complete control over the most powerful spy agencies in the world.
      1. The NSA can literally record all text and voice communication across the country. ( Wired Schneier on Security The Guardian CNET Vice )
        1. This information can end up in the hands of the FBI, the IRS, and local police. ( Reuters Techdirt Techdirt Extreme Tech )
        2. The potential for blackmail and other forms of control is limitless. ( Business Insider The Telegraph kieran healy NY Mag EFF The Intercept WashingtonsBlog Reuters Huffington Post )
      2. We have already built the nationwide apparatus for totalitarianism. The only thing we are missing is a strong leader to come into power and use it for ill purposes. ( University of Chicago Press Daily Kos McClatchy DC Wired )
      3. Donald Trump has a history of petty and vindictive behavior. ( )
  2. President-Elect Trump does not have a mandate.
    1. He lost the popular vote. ( Inquisitr CS Monitor USA Today IBT )
    2. Polling during the primary process showed he would have lost to Bernie Sanders by a landslide. ( Huffington Post Real Clear Politics )
      1. Those same polls predicted a very close race between Clinton and Trump, which is exactly what played out in the general election.
  3. The Electoral College is not legally bound by the popular vote. ( Politico )
    1. If it were, George W. Bush would not have been allowed into office his first term, he lost the popular vote but won the electoral vote.
  4. The Electoral College was originally intended to be a final government check on blind public sentiment.
    1. Alexander Hamilton wrote in the Federalist Papers that the Electors were meant to be men of conscience and wisdom who would select an appropriate leader without being swayed by the passions of capricious public sentiment. ( Wikipedia )
  5. We cannot elect Donald Trump.
    1. His stated positions and actions match the textbook definition of fascism. ( The New Yorker Salon Slate Newsweek )
      1. Our grandparents died by the millions fighting fascism in Europe. To allow it to take hold in the US is to spit on their memories.
    2. Russia ran a concerted campaign to support Donald Trump. ( Associated Press USA Today CNN )
      1. Eighteen different national intelligence agencies have all said Russia was openly and deliberately trying to sway the American election for Trump. ( Chicago Tribune NY Times FactCheck.org )
      2. When Trump's victory was announced, the Russian parliament broke into a raucous ovation. ( The Independent Public Radio International The Daily Beast )
      3. Russia spent millions on propaganda efforts to smear Clinton.
        1. The claims that Clinton would start war with Russia originated in Russian-spread propaganda. ( Fortune Forbes The Gateway Pundit Foreign Policy Russia Insider )
      4. Russia hacked every one of Trump's opponents' campaigns, but did not hack Trump's campaign. ( Raw Story NBC News Wired )
      5. Allowing Trump to gain office is to allow Russia to succeed in their plan to subvert American democracy.
  6. We cannot elect Hillary Clinton. ( Salon Daily News Bin )
    1. Clinton's disapproval ratings are second only to Trump's. ( ABC News Gallup )
    2. A huge swath of the population voted specifically to deny Clinton the Presidency. ( Politics USA Hillary Men )
  7. The Electoral College must elect Bernie Sanders.
    1. The people have expressed a clear anger with the establishment parties.
      1. Both parties had "outsider" challengers that received huge public support.
      2. Electing any of the establishment Republican leadership will anger the majority of voters.
        1. Kasich is not a choice the public will accept.
        2. This anger will be bi-partisan.
    2. Bernie Sanders has bi-partisan appeal. ( Observer )
      1. He is a choice the public will accept.
    3. Bernie Sanders ran on a platform of economic populism that was very similar to Donald Trump's.
      1. There was a lot of overlap between those who supported Sanders and those who supported Trump. ( US News The Daily Beast The Atlantic Washington Post )
    4. Bernie Sanders' campaign was undercut by underhanded tactics by the DNC. ( Time Politifact Politico Washington Post )
      1. The DNC scheduled the fewest debates in recent history. ( Huffington Post Daily Caller )
      2. The DNC scheduled debates for low-viewership nights. ( Washington Post Politico National Review )
    5. Sanders is not a Democrat.
      1. Electing Sanders does not validate the DNC. It is a scenario the DNC specifically tried to prevent.
    6. Sanders is not endorsed by Vladimir Putin and the KGB.
      1. Electing Sanders is a strong rebuke of Russia's attempts to control America's democratic process. ( NY Times )