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Beware the bison! - Silnith’s Lair

May. 16th, 2016

12:31 am - Beware the bison!

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And in today’s “You sweet, sweet dumb-ass” story, a father and son visiting Yellowstone put a bison calf in their SUV and drove it to a ranger station because they thought the calf was freezing to death.

I admire the duo for their compassion, but I call them morons for not understanding how well bison hide and fur insulates, and for thinking that separating a calf from its mother is a good idea. I'm also a tad surprised the mother did not destroy the SUV. Next time, just try to bring a ranger with you to the calf.

Here is the Fark thread.


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Date:June 27th, 2016 11:25 pm (UTC)
But what if the calf wandered away while they were trying to fetch the ranger, thus causing it to freeze to death in peace? At least they didn't try to anchor it to the ground somehowe to make sure they could find it again with the ranger in tow! :-P

Also, is a baby bison really a "large" animal, or more a "medium-sized animal with a big appetite"? Do they have different X number of feet away laws for different sizes of animals -- inquiring minds want to know!
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