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I just had to turn off The Nightly Show. - Silnith’s Lair

Dec. 4th, 2015

12:32 am - I just had to turn off The Nightly Show.

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I just had to turn off The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore again. The stupid fucking media is going apeshit over the latest mass shooting again, and so all my favorite late-night comedy news shows are going apeshit over guns again. Normally I try to grit my teeth and just get through it, hoping they get to something reasonable quickly. Sometimes I just cannot. Tonight I lost it when Larry had a Santa come on and say he wasn’t coming to the United States this year because everybody had guns and he was scared. He then said that it used to be so easy, he would deliver dolls and toys and nice things—<click>

Fuck you, Larry. That is not even remotely reality. Children have been asking for toy soldiers and toy guns for Christmas for far longer than you have been alive. It’s in our Christmas carols. It’s in our movies. It’s a fucking huge plot point of “A Christmas Story”! That movie is set in the 1940s, and it was based on stories written in the 1960s. Even five minutes looking around online will provide references that toy guns have been widespread for well over a century, and world-wide, not just in America.

Get off your high horse and just admit that you hate guns and want to ban them. That is really what underlies your entire refrain. Everybody loves to claim that Nobody wants to take away your guns, and that they only want common-sense restrictions. Fuck you. Taking away everybody’s guns is exactly what you want. Nothing less. As for common-sense restrictions, common sense knows that after every single media frenzy over a shooting murder, the legislation that is put forward would not have stopped that shooting! Not once has anybody responded to a shooting with legislation that would have prevented it. Not once.

Stop lying to us to further your agenda. You’re supposed to be better than the Republican party. Act like it.

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